2010 Pinot Gris – Ten Minutes by Tractor – VIC, Australia

No wussy sundeck quaffer this. Easily one of the most serious Pinot Gris I have ever encountered in this land. A finely structured wine of precision and ultimately, of distinction. Superbly focused fruit is contoured and well defined by the time spent in wood (9 months I believe it was). It was also 100% barrel-fermented. The result is a weighty, almost oily Pinot Gris of quiet, brooding intensity.  Fine grip countered by fleshy texture and a resonating, crispy-citrusy finish make for a wine well worth seeking out—if only as an antidote to the everyday stainless steel indifference this varietal so often is treated with. It towers over other Pinot Gris the way Nabokov might have scrutinised a room full of tabloid writers. In fact, as I re-tasted the wine, I wasn’t sure if I was contemplating it, or it was contemplating me.

The grapes were sourced from three different vineyards, yet the wine tastes as if made from one plot of land, such is the focus it possesses.  10 Minutes by Tractor’s new releases are as exciting as any I have tasted this year. I am looking forward to re-tasting the others.

—Raphael Antonio Nazario. From my VinoVeracity wine blog, 2011


1333 Mornington Flinders Rd, Main Ridge, Victoria 3928 Australia • tenminutesbytractor.com.au

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